Our Spa Offerings

At Third Avenue Spa, we’re proud to offer a wide range of luxurious and beautifying treatments. We combine traditional and new spa services with the highest quality product lines to help you look and feel exquisite, no matter which treatment you choose. Let our dedicated and experienced staff pamper you with our high-end spa treatments.


Medical Aesthetics

Achieve your ideal look with our medical aesthetics experiences


Discover the perfect, personalized skin treatment for your face with our high end facials

Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair from anywhere with our professional hair removal services

Manicures + Pedicures

Experience the luxury of a signature Third Avenue manicure and pedicure


Be transformed with our high quality makeup applications

Lash + Tinting

Get a naturally beautiful look with our luxury lash application and lash and brow tinting

Massage + Body Treatments

Feel stress and tension melt away with our relaxing massage + body treatments

Spa Packages

Have fun with your friends. Packages are temporarily limited du to COVID.